Nacomi fragrance

Scented Candles



3D, Animations


Scented candles are not only a way to create a cozy atmosphere but also an excellent way to stimulate the senses and relax. Their gentle flame and aromatic notes fill the space with a pleasant scent, creating an ambiance of relaxation and tranquility. When choosing scented candles, you can select from a variety of fragrance compositions, matching them to your mood and preferences. Whether you prefer the freshness of citrus, the warmth of vanilla, or the exotic aromas of spices, scented candles are a perfect addition to any interior, bringing magic and uniqueness to everyday life.


The idea behind presenting this product was to create a minimalist, bright interior that emphasizes its simplicity and elegance. The space was designed in such a way as to focus attention on the product itself, allowing it to shine in all its glory. Light shades of walls, furniture, and accessories create a harmonious and serene atmosphere, while highlighting the cleanliness and clarity of the product. The minimalist approach to interior design perfectly captures the essence of the product, showcasing it in simplicity and undisturbed aesthetics.


Finally, as a result of the work, not only images but also a dynamic animation were created, bringing the presented product to life. This synergy between images and animation created a wonderful impression and allowed for full immersion in the world of the product, presenting it in the best possible light.

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