Fashion Brand


Personal Project


Graphic Design, Branding


Luxury clothing brand is synonymous with refined style, excellent quality, and unique luxury. Since its inception, the brand has emphasized the highest quality materials and precision craftsmanship, paying attention to every detail. Its collections are true works of art that combine elegance with innovative design. The luxury clothing brand offers unique and exclusive products that allow the wearer to feel exceptional and stand out from the crowd. It is synonymous with impeccable style, luxury, and timeless class.


The idea behind the logo was to incorporate panda eyes. This symbol perfectly reflects the brand's characteristics and values. Panda eyes are a symbol of wisdom, delicacy, and elegance, which are all synonymous with a luxury fashion brand. The logo featuring panda eyes is intriguing, sensual, and mysterious, capturing attention and arousing curiosity. This unique logo visually embodies the essence of the brand, highlighting its exceptional and distinctive nature.


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