Royal Barber

Barbershop in Bielsko-Biala


Royal Barber


Graphic Design, Branding, Animations


Barbershops are more than just places to get a haircut; they are cultural hubs that celebrate the art of grooming. With their vintage aesthetics and skilled barbers, these establishments offer a unique and nostalgic experience for men seeking traditional grooming services. From classic haircuts and straight razor shaves to meticulous beard trims, barbershops specialize in providing tailored services that enhance a man's style and confidence. The warm and inviting atmosphere of a barbershop creates a sense of community, where clients can relax, engage in conversations, and leave feeling refreshed and well-groomed.


The idea behind creating the "Royal Barber" brand was to introduce minimalism that would stand out from other barbershops in the area. A unique design was chosen to reflect elegance and luxury, attracting customers seeking a distinctive experience. This exceptional design gives "Royal Barber" a distinctive character and creates an atmosphere of exclusivity, providing customers not only with excellent service but also unforgettable aesthetic impressions.


In the creative process of the "Royal Barber" brand, key elements of visual identity such as the logo, business card, and stickers were developed. Each of these elements was carefully designed to reflect the brand's character and attract customer attention.

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